Dear White Supremacy

layla saad

Dear White Supremacy,

I am that who you call, 'The Other'.

An African, Arab, Muslim woman.

Daughter of immigrants.
Born and raised in the West.
Living in the East.

You've labelled me 'angry', because I am a black woman.

You've labelled me 'oppressed', because I am a Muslim woman. (And even more so when I wore the hijab).

You've labelled me 'aggressive', because I am a feminist woman.

You've labelled me 'irrational', because I am a woman.

I used to think that your labels defined me, and that my worthiness as a human being depended on what you thought of me.

So I tried to fit in, as best as I could...

...Keeping my voice quiet. Playing down the parts of my body that you ridiculed. Bending over backwards to prove to you that I was neither oppressed nor anti-men.

And for what?

So that I could fit it into your model of the world? So that you would approve of me? So that I wouldn't be 'other'?

The day I reclaimed my otherness was the day I took back my power.

You fear me and anyone else who isn't white, straight, cis-gendered, able-bodied or any other label you've judged as less than.

You believe our presence and our voices threaten the oppressive systems that keep you in positions of power.

You are right to fear us.

Because while you want to keep us divided by calling us 'the other', we will continue to show you just how connected and equal we really are.

We will fight the Good Fight using kindness, outrage, creativity, truth, ally-ship, donations, compassion, anger, healing and all of the Divine and earthly resources we have as sacred activists.

We are rising up, and we will no longer stay in the shadows or at the edges.

We are here.
You cannot make us disappear.
We believe we are all stronger together.

And despite your oppressive systems, your racist policies and your divisive agendas, we will keep fighting every day for justice, equality and love.

Because you know what, White Supremacy?
If anyone here is 'the other', it's you.


A self-loving, truth-telling, connection-building, patriarchy-smashing, black, modern priestess, Muslim woman.

Layla Saad