#SISTERQUEEN, Your sovereignty frightens the patriarchy

sister queen


A woman who is fully embodied in her own sovereignty frightens both men and women who are still entrenched in the patriarchy.

A sovereign woman is a dangerous woman because she does not need anyone else's validation or permission.

Those who are threatened by your sovereignty will tell you that 'you've changed'. That you've become too weird, or too political or too woo woo. That you talk too much or too loudly or too aggressively.

What they're really saying is that you've become too much for them to handle, and that your too muchness threatens their sense of comfort.

What they're really saying is, can you please become tame and docile again? Your wildness scares me.

What they won't tell you is that it's not YOU who is the cause of their discomfort. It is THEM and the cognitive dissonance and inner misalignment that your sovereignty causes them to notice.

They will ask you - sometimes politely, sometimes rudely - to quieten down, to dim your glow and to go back to who you were.

But you will not and you cannot. Sovereignty tastes too damn sweet to give it up now.

They'll either have to find their own sovereignty, adjust their eyes or move on.

Because your light is only going to get brighter and brighter from here on out.

Layla xo

Layla Saad