"Layla's voice is a vessel for truth."

Layla’s voice is a vessel for truth – the kind that you might think you’re not ready for but it’s ready for you. Her work will call you to the front lines of your soul and the realities of our world. She’ll shed light on the work the sits between (and within) the two. And she’ll be a fierce and loving guide as you move through what’s there for you.
— Andréa Ranae Johnson
Layla’s writing allowed me to explore a pandora’s box of feelings by being uncomfortable whilst peeling off the layers to release my blissful life balance goal, by connecting to my being a Woman of Colour and honoring my work and global feminine message. And, of course, redefining what the heck that means! Honestly, I have never had to think about this so hard and fall so softly in those aha moments (yes there were some tears). Whenever we have connected her words always inspired, redefined, gave me thought with pause and of course at times made me feel way more vulnerable than I bargained for. In the end, I always got clarity, purpose and in my own way sought the non-judgemental part of my journey for myself. She is a Word Warrior of the mystic magical kind who explodes truth bombs unapologetically with strong grace and a flow!
— Marie Andrew Piazza
I was introduced to Layla by my Mentor Friend and reading those first words turned on something within myself. The way in which Layla speaks her truth shined a light on my own truth. Reminding me that I’m not alone, there are women of color doing the work, being the light and not afraid to walk through the darkness. Her words give me strength and life to carry on and share my voice with the world TOO!
— Famira Green
Layla Saad’s writing is pure, unadulterated truth. Layla has the ability to see things many are seeing, but are too scared to say. And then she writes them, really, really well, opening doorways for powerful conversations and necessary change. Her work has profoundly shifted my spiritual journey, my healing practice, and my worldview. Most of all, I’ve seen how confronting my white privilege is a foundational part of my spiritual practice, not separate from it. I’m so, so grateful for Layla’s writing. In the endless sea of spiritual noise, listen to Layla. She’s a lighthouse for truth.
— Lizzie Rae Rose
Layla writes with so much grace and wisdom. I am continually challenged and nourished by her work.
— Tracy A. Brooks
I have been fortunate enough to see Layla Saad’s magic and truth catch fire around the globe, before Wild Mystic Woman came into existence. Layla’s message is unique in that she speaks passionately from her heart and soul; as a spiritual Black, Muslim, Arab woman who has gone through difficult transformations to better herself and the changing community around her. The work Layla is able to carry out from her base in Doha is proof that she is a force the patriarchy will not be able to reckon with.
— Whitney Jean Buchanan
Layla’s words cut so deep into the soul that they’ve caused me to unearth feelings that have laid dormant for over 50 years. The post Layla wrote on white supremacy lead to healing my thoughts of inadequacy related to the deep pain of racism my mother felt when I was in her womb that effected my psyche. Thank you for setting an example for those of us doing the deep spiritual work.
— Gail Allen
In October 2017, I wrote an essay that went viral. I started noticing that when people shared my essay, they were also sharing one that Layla wrote, an essay that went viral on her blog. Curious, I read Layla’s words and was impressed by her courage, compassion, and hot fire truth.

Layla’s bravery in calling out spiritual white women through her essay helped me to find my courage in keeping my words up. I was tempted to hide my essay, not because of any negative feedback, but because I feared the responsibility I’d be assigned in being someone else’s truth bearer.

Layla stood behind the words she’d written. She didn’t waiver. Even as she was faced spiritual bypassing from spiritual white women, Layla stood firm. Because she stayed strong, I fed off her strength.

Since then, I’ve shared more and more of my writings around diversity, inclusion, and identity. I use my writings to help others question their thoughts around systemic oppression, social justice, white privilege. Layla’s writings has helped me identify that I cannot hold back on my truth just because it isn’t someone else’s. And for all of that, I thank Layla for her fierceness, vulnerability, and most of all, friendship.
— Leesa Renee Hall
Layla speaks deeply to the heart and soul. Her words capture the real human weight of the complex and systemic issues of our time. Her work inspires true change. In short, she is the Goddess of Fire and Awesome.
— Miki DeVivo
Layla Saad’s no holds barred written word truth telling has been a powerfully instrumental force in my personal awakening around the deeper issues of social justice. She has shown me, again and again, that being on the path of spiritual healing means courageously facing my shadow material around unexamined issues of race and entitlement. While continually spurring me on to holding myself and others to ever higher standards of compassion, integrity and creating a better world for everyone.
— Chris Zydel
Layla’s soul-fired words have inspired me in more ways than I am able to express. I am so honoured to witness her magic, and the important recentering of people of colour. Her work speaks to my soul, every time, whether through podcast or writing. Thank you Layla.
— Suzanne Leonard
I call Layla Saad the voice for a new generation. Her writing is soulful, heartfelt and thought-provoking. Her words are love and sometimes cut like a sword to bring truth, light, love and healing to the world. I have truly been inspired to live boldly and to find my own voice as a writer because of the words of this Wild Mystic Woman.
— Kimberly Elahab
I have found Layla’s perspective and writing inspirational on my own journey to decolonizing spirituality and owing my spiritual and ancestral lineage in a deeper way. Her words capture the myriad of sentiments, truths, feelings and experiences that many women of color around the world share. It’s a blessing to see her shining her light in the darkness. It inspires me to tap into my own light and continue to create from the fire.
— Anuradha Kowtha
I found Layla’s writing at a particularly challenging moment in time and reading through her archives of wisdom and fire served me in ways I can’t begin to describe. I proceeded to spend hours with her poems and her prose and I continue to be grateful for her voice, her presence, her courage and her example. Layla’s work to uplift others, to create space and demand that it continuously expands is exemplary. Her willingness to question and wrestle with her own work, demanding that it center herself and those she seeks to serve, is instructive. It is a pleasure to learn from her, to root for her, and to simply watch her shine.
— Sara Haile-Mariam
Have you ever had the feeling of deja vu? The feeling that lets you know that you’ve been here and done this before? Layla perfectly articulates the things I’ve been thinking as a spiritual and entrepreneurial black woman. I was shocked the day I read her open letter to white woman because it was just what I had been planning to write, only better. As a writer and spirit led person, Layla continually challenges me to be better, bigger and brighter. I’m proud to be connected to this incredible voice and champion for feminism and racial equality.
— Tepsii Thendo Lufuno Tshikororo
Layla’s writing is engaging and inspiring. It is full of truth and fire and every day it pushes me to up my game as a person and as a writer. Her voice is an important guide on the path with the Goddess, helping women to remember who they are and demonstrating how to stand in your TRUTH and really ‘own it’. I’ve been very grateful for her feedback on my writing and my efforts to break free of my own conditioning.
— Deb Chymiak-Isanhart
Fed up, powerful and visionary, the voice and writing of Layla Saad are expressions of courage and deep truth. She invokes the mystical feminine, is guided by ageless wisdom, and consistently challenges the deception of cultural conditioning to move us all closer to freedom.
— andrea cassutt