Ep001: Hillary Rain On Owning Your Evocative Truth & Beauty

hillary rain

Welcome to the very first episode of the Wild Mystic Woman Podcast.

In this sacred and heartfelt conversation, I sit down with my Sister-Queen Hillary Rain to talk deeply about spirituality, business, money, truth, beauty and making our lives a luscious work of art. 

Hillary is an artist, writer and spiritual mentor as well as someone I would call a soul-sister. I first came across Hillary back in 2015 when I was navigating a Dark Night of the Soul. By divine synchronicity I came across her website and her e-guide 'Into the Dark Night—A Guided, Creative Descent Into the Shadowlands of the Soul', which she co-created with Mandy Steward. Into the Dark Night played a really important part in me understanding how to thrash around in the descent, and I have had the biggest girl crush on Hillary and her work ever since. 

Hillary and I connected this year when she came across my viral blog post 'Why those 6-figure coaches are failing you', and we have been friends ever since. I'm grateful for her wisdom, her soulful essence and her sistership.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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In this episode, Hillary & I explore:

  • Being committed to finding unconventional beauty in ourselves and our life experiences
  • Being in alignment with our evocative truth every day
  • How wild mystics are guided by their core values
  • Building your business the Wild Mystic Woman Way
  • Defining our own wild mystic success
  • Making our lives a luscious work of art
  • Navigating the descent and the dark night of the soul
  • Moving away from the term 'lightworker'
  • Financial freedom and healing money shame
  • Introversion, body shame and being visible in an authentic way
  • Being intentional and present in our lives
  • The urgency of no longer being willing to live a meaningless life

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hillary rain

About Hillary Rain

Hillary Rain is an artist, writer and spiritual mentor for women who long to create meaningful, fulfilling and empowered lives. Hillary's work is driven by a deep hunger to create resonant experiences and luminous transformation. Hillary is the creator of Dear Artist, a revolutionary 5-week program for deep feelers, creatives, introverts and empaths who want to make their lives a meaningful work of art.

Connect with Hillary at:

wild mystic woman podcast

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