Ep003: Sarah La Rosa On The Divine Feminine Journey

sarah la rosa

In this episode, I speak to the divinely feminine writer and spiritual guide, Sarah La Rosa.

Sarah is the author of the book, 'Her Strange Angels: A book of invocations, beauty words and divine presence'.

Sarah's work has received praise from several well-known voices in the Goddess spirituality community, including Joanna Powell Colbert and Oriah Mountain Dreamer. Her work weaves startling imagery with comfort food for the heart, resulting in prose that captures the reader in a state of wonder even as it fulfils and empowers. 

Having left fundamental Christianity to walk the very wild mystic woman path towards the Divine Feminine, Sarah's path deeply resonated with my own, as I am sure it will for many listeners who come from a traditional religious background. Sarah's book has been a loyal companion for me on my own wild mystic path, and it's absolute pleasure to be able to share her soul medicine with you.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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In this episode, Sarah & I explore:

  • Death' as the beginning of the beginning
  • The magic & freedom of living as a wild mystic woman
  • Our relationship with the Goddess and feminist spirituality
  • Working through the fears of birthing our sacred work & becoming more visible
  • The benefits of a regular journaling practice for aspiring writers
  • Co-creating our sacred work with Spirit
  • Remembering ourselves as feminine leaders of the ancient paradigm
  • Finding beauty and holiness inside the 'muddiness' of your spiritual transformation
  • The fear and exhilaration of walking away from fundamental religion in search of personal spiritual truth
  • Discovering the Divine Feminine and the Dark Goddess
  • Soul strategies for navigating the fears of leaving traditional religion for the wild feminine path
  • The mystic's authentic search for love, and how it changes the way we show up in the world and impact others
  • The importance of women giving up enduring for thriving

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sarah la rosa

About Sarah La Rosa

Sarah is a Divine Feminine writer, a spiritual guide and a medicine woman of the soul. She is the author of 'Her Strange Angels: A book of invocations, beauty words and divine presence' and founder of the Her Strange Angels community. Her deep passion is to bring healing love to the wounded and fearful heart, through sacred poetry, meditations and soulfully honest conversation. In person, Sarah maintains a bodywork practice, where she blends massage therapy, energy healing and soul work.

Connect with Sarah at:


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