Ep006: Miki DeVivo On Writing & Parenting Out Loud

miki devivo

In today's episode, I speak to poet and story-witnesser, Miki DeVivo.

Miki is a writer, a mum and a truth-teller. who is passionate about changing the cultural narrative around what parenting is “supposed” to look like so that we can all see ourselves in it.

Miki believes need more true stories. Deeper, more nuanced stories. Stories that make space for all of us and include the whole range of our experiences and emotions. Stories that normalize our challenges and release us from the shame we feel about not being good enough. She believes that our stories are tender and we need safe community spaces where we can bear witness to and support each other in the good, hard work we do - which is exactly what she does in her 'Parenting Out Loud Community'.

Miki and I had an incredible conversation about the power of story, writing, parenting, social activism and the 'messy middle' of life.

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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In this episode, Miki & I explore:

Miki's three oracle cards from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild

Miki's three oracle cards from the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild

  • The different layers of femininity and showing up as a Wild Mystic Woman
  • The Hero's Journey vs The Heroine's Journey
  • How telling our stories facilitates healing
  • The power of poetry to help us powerfully speak our truth
  • Why it can take us a while to believe we are writers
  • The casual method of writing we both use
  • Writing our own stories of motherhood and parenting
  • How the culture of silence around parenting affects us all differently
  • How having our stories witnessed by others creates a feeling of 'okayness'
  • Why we need the multiplicity of voices and the stories of intersectionality
  • Collective healing, social activism and the importance of each of us to rise up and do our sacred work

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miki devivo

About Miki DeVivo

Miki is a writer and a mom, a truth teller and a story witnesser. She holds spaces where it's ok to be who you are and ask questions that open a new way of seeing oneself and one's family. Miki writes personal stories that just happen to be poems. She also asks questions as a way of opening up new perspectives and possibilities. All of this is in service of stories that foster change, turn us back toward each other, and remind us who we are.

Connect with Miki at:

wild mystic woman podcast

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