Ep007: Nadia Munla On Sensual Nourishment & Embodied Living

Nadi Munla

In today's episode, I speak to health & sensuality coach, Nadia Munla.

Through her work, Nadia guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice.

Through her live Embody Dance Classes, her immersion workshops and 1:1 coaching, Nadia leads women to return back to their embodied essence - so that they can feel vibrant, alive and free again. Nadia is passionate about understanding and teaching the spiritual and scientific roots of embodiment, both of which we talk about during this episode. Nadia's work offers up a powerful and compassionate way for women to get back to the core of who they are, and to fully step into their presence.

Side note: Nadia and I actually recorded an episode for the podcast a few months ago, but guess what? The episode didn't record! So I'm incredibly grateful that we were able to record this episode a second time with no issues ;)

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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    In this episode, Nadia & I explore:

    • What embodiment is and how it works on a neurological and physiological level
    • How modern society conditions us to overly operate with our left brain (or Divine Masculine), thereby undervaluing the right brain (Divine Feminine)
    • How the trauma of everyday living affects our ability to experience our full embodiment
    • Simple practices for tuning back into our bodies
    • Embodiment practice as mindfulness practice
    • The patriarchy's affect on the embodiment of women's power and presence
    • How our bodies talk to us through our 'body voice'
    • Why it's important to remember that we are a part of nature
    • Why compassion, sisterhood and giving ourselves permission are key to us moving through the challenging phases of the embodiment journey
    • Why Nadia purposely chose to foster her Embody classes as women-only spaces, and how this has empowered women to fully embrace their full range
    • The difference between Presentational Sexy vs Authentic Sexy
    • Why Dance is so important to Nadia as a path of embodiment and spirituality

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    Nadia Munla

    About Nadia Munla

    Nadia is a Health & Sensuality Coach who guides women to sensual nourishment and embodied power by helping them reconnect to their own body voice. She is immensely passionate about supporting women in their journey back to their embodied essence so they can feel vibrant, alive & free again.Through her Embody dance classes, immersion workshops and one-on-one coaching, Nadia has guided women on over 5 continents in their embodiment journey. 

    Connect with Nadia at:

    wild mystic woman podcast

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