Ep011: Sharona Lautoe On Race, Spirituality & Motherhood

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In this episode, I speak with modern day soul midwife and writer, Sharona Lautoe.

In addition to being one of my dear sister-friends, Sharona is an author, intuitive guide and modern day Soul Midwife. She live in The Netherlands and is the single mother to her young daughter Luna. She combines motherhood with running her own mystic practice serving women around the world. Her most potent gift is is the ability to birth in her clients a truth that burning to be accessed, but often cannot be connected to. Her groundedness and Presence holds space through many deliveries of self and shedding of skin. Through shadowwork, word witching and spiritual mentorship she has a gift to strip the layers of nonsense off and get right to the heart of what needs to be heard.

in this episode, sharona & i explore:

  • Exploring new truths in motherhood, sovereignty, and generational trauma
  • Understanding generational trauma and how it manifests in black lives in today's world
  • Being re-traumatized by media and "slavery" entertainment movies, books, TV, etc. 
  • Descent into shadow work and anger as a way to understand trauma
  • Why the race wound is just as important as the patriarchy wound and allows for depth and intersectionality in black women's spiritual path
  • Navigating white supremacy as a black woman in every space of life, including the personal development industry
  • Lack of representation of women of color in the personal development industry
  • Struggles with worth in relationships, friendships, and business
  • Finding strength from our ancestors
  • #BlackGirlMagic and finding our worth as black women
  • Akashic Records and past lives work to help heal our old wounds
  • The myth of spiritual glamour and why we need depth to these "buzzwords" as a way to be truly empowered
  • Coming undone as a mother, seeking balance to bring self back together, and the struggle black mothers must face

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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About Sharona Lautoe

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Sharona Lautoe is a modern day soul midwife whose soul work is to help women align with their truth and to guide them in birthing what they need in this incarnation of life. Her special brand of healing is in the form of writing, intuitive and akashic readings, and guiding women deeper in private one on one sessions. Sharona's gift of navigating both worlds allows her to be a bridge that will connect women to their truths and offer much needed healing. 

Connect with Sharona at:

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