Ep014: Alexis P. Morgan On Anti-Capitalism, Oprah & Spiritual Healing

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In this episode, I speak with artist, writer and professional troublemaker, Alexis P. Morgan.

Alexis P. Morgan is the Abbess of the Church of St. Felicia, where her work as a writer, artist, and ritualist serve her community and the pursuit of Truth, Justice, and Liberation. Alexis is one of my favourite writers. Her ability to write with both fire and love inspires me - both as a writer and as a black woman. Alexis describes herself as the, 'pole-dancing, troublemaking, pro-heaux, anarcho-communist, Black AF sorceress you've been warned about'. I would say that's spot on. Alexis' work spans many different interlocking disciplines including writing, art, anti-capitalism, business, spirituality and anti-oppression work. It was a blessing to have this conversation with this dear sister.

in this episode, Alexis & i explore:

  • Accessibility vs sustainability in personal and professional practice

  • How to be at peace in a capitalist society

  • How to stay at peace and at rest as a deeply spiritual and sensitive person

  • Alexis’s essay A Open Letter to Gary Vaynerchuck

  • The idea that capitalism will always make you want more

  • The myth and politics of the “self-made person”

  • Not owing anyone a discussion when you write and share your words or your stories

  • Having a plan for self care and protection on the other side of releasing your work and words

  • The relationship between capitalism, business, and spirituality

  • How can we live under these systems while not compromising ourselves

  • The over prevalence of white supremacy and white feminism of internet marketing

  • Win-Free Consulting, Alexis’ alternative to business and marketing and commerce

  • Intentionally integrating an anti-capitalist lens

  • Real life story vs the rags to riches myth

  • Doing the work and analyzing the ways you have been complicit

  • Alexis' upcoming Win-Free Philosophy book

  • Using dancing as liberation from oppression

  • Showing up with vulnerability in how we see the world

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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About Alexis P. Morgan

Alexis P. Morgan

Alexis is the pole-dancing, troublemaking, pro-heaux, anarcho-communist, Black AF sorceress you've been warned about. As an anticapitalist commerce babe, Alexis occupies her time and makes her cheddar as a writer, artist, consultant, and professional opinion-giver. Devoted to Truth, Justice, and Liberation, she lives in the spirit of her foremothers before her: Unbossed. Unbought. Unbothered.

Connect with Alexis at:

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