Ep019: Kristin Iris On Standing In Our Creative Power

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In this episode, I speak with creative mentor, speaker, and coach, Kristin Iris

Kristin is a creative mentor whose mission is to challenge oppressive power dynamics and systems by inspiring Black and Brown creatives to find the power in their voice. She is here to ignite socially conscious Black and Brown creatives to step into the amazing capacity to make big shifts and radical changes in the world. Kristin main goal is to help every Creative of Color embody and live to the fullest potential and share unfiltered and true power.

Kristin works 1-on-1 with creatives and athletes of color in gaining clarity on how the oppressive systems stop creators of color from reaching their full potential and sharing their voices to their highest power.

in this episode, Kristin & i explore:

  • Stepping into our power as people of color and owning our power and responsibility

  • How our creativity shifts as we begin to step into our truth as POC

  • What working with BIPOC exclusively has done for the journey in finding our voice

  • Our similar journeys to conscious awakenings and clarity that helped formed our boundaries

  • How race and racism plays into so many patterns and intersections in BIPOC daily lives

  • "Not enoughness" in creative spaces, specifically tied to the systemic oppression faced by BIPOC 

  • Act of reclaimation on a personal and collective level for WOC when we name a thing a Thing

  • The ripple effect of creating and bringing forth change

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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About Kristin Iris

kristin iris

Kristin is a creativity mentor, speaker, and writer. She helps socially conscious Creatives of Color to dismantle the oppressive conditioning, mindset, and beliefs that are stopping them from living to their greatest potential.

Connect with Kristin at:

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