Ep020: Omkari Williams On The Power of Storytelling & Reclaiming Our Stories

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In this episode, I speak with speaker, coach, and podcast host, Omkari Williams

Omkari is the host of the Stepping Into Truth podcast, where she takes her unique and multi-layered perspective as a black woman who isn't African American, and speaks to conversations about social justice, race, and gender. Her experiences as an actress, political consultant, and executive coach all inform her work with women’s stories. 

Her work seeks to encourage women from all over the world to share their stories. Omkari's belief in stories as activism highlights her unique approach to coaching others in storytelling.

in this episode, Omkari & i explore:

  • Using our stories as bridge building and shifting the world

  • Women sharing our stories and making change, how the Mothers Against Drunk Driving created laws with their movement

  • Using stories as a tool of social activism and honoring our different ways of being active

  • Being responsive versus being reactive, practicing compassionate detachment and managing our expectations of others

  • Respecting and honoring those who came before us and being Living Ancestors

  • The complexities of humanity and defying the binaries

  • Using stories for empowerment or dis-empowerment

  • Activating The New Normal - raising your voice and speaking your truths

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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other resources shared during our conversation:

About Omkari Williams

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Omkari is a speaker, coach, writer, and host of the newly launched Stepping Into Truth Podcast. She speaks to and coaches women from all over the world, teaching and encouraging them to share their most important stories.  And, she says, if you think our stories can’t make a difference, the #MeToo movement is a perfect example of women’s stories making a huge change in the world.

Connect with Omkari at:

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