Ep021: Sara Haile-Mariam On Race, Music & Learning to Love Ourselves

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In this episode, I speak with writer, storyteller and musician, Sara Haile-Mariam.

Sara Haile-Mariam is the front woman and drummer of Makeda!, a band on a mission to reclaim rock and roll. Sara was inspired to politics by then Senator Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign where she worked as a grassroots organizer and youth surrogate for the campaign while attending New York University. Following the election, in 2009, she moved to DC and worked at a progressive think tank. Unwilling to color inside the lines of partisan politics, and disillusioned, she returned to New York in 2010. In 2012 she got high and found music. In 2013 she met guitarist Mike Sutjipto and the two founded Music Bones. in 2018 Music Bones became Makeda!, and the duo released their debut EP “I’ll Say It How I Want To” on June 8, 2018.

in this episode, Sara & i explore:

  • What it means to be an artist and survive in a world disconnected from art

  • Coming out as an artist and learning to be with self and the process

  • What it is to be human, how we connect to our ancestry and culture

  • Longing to connect and belong with others

  • Having to undo the conditioning that white supremacy taught us about being African

  • Finding love and validation in each other as black women

  • Being called to learn how to love ourselves and be with our wounds

  • Black people and white people have the same work — to heal our wounds and ancestry

  • Using compassion and letting others grow & holding them accountable

  • Art is a way to get messages from our soul, ancestors, and earth

  • Understanding nature’s cycles and giving ourselves compassion

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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About Sara Haile-Mariam

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Sara is a writer, storyteller and musician. She is the front woman and drummer of Makeda!, a band on a mission to reclaim rock and roll.

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