Ep022: Sonali Fiske On Women Of Colour Raising Our Voices

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In this episode, I speak with speaker, mentor, and sacred activist, Sonali Fiske

Sonali Fiske is a Sri Lankan-American & the founder of Pick Your Platform & Raise Your Voice. As a leadership guide to underrepresented & womyn-identifying women of colour (WOC) leaders, her passion is to center the often suppressed and sidelined stories of women still considered on the margins of our society. She also speaks internationally, is a workshop leader and conducts a monthly tele-call entitled "Call to Sacred Activism."

Sonali has visited 33 countries and her nonprofit management and global volunteer experiences have taken her from spearheading a sanitation project in Nairobi, to post-tsunami housing reconstruction efforts in Sri Lanka. In addition, Sonali is currently a council member of the International Council of Interfaith & Indigenous Women.

in this episode, Sonali & i explore:

  •  Being unapologetically real

  •  Decolonizing and deconstructing as healing for WOC

  •  Supporting our sisters of color to speak up and take up space

  •  The journey of reclaiming all pieces of our selves as WOC

  •  How we collectively and individually are creating our own table as WOC

  •  The desire for liberation and freedom for all

  •  The call to sacred activism and way of being in the world

  •  Dismantling white dominance in spiritual and entrepreneurial leadership

  • The link between capitalism, white supremacy, marketing, and coaching

  • Being visible in our own spaces instead of white spaces

  • Being a good ancestor and raising our children to be elders

I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did. Click the play button below to listen in now. 

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other resources shared during our conversation:

About Sonali Fiske

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Sonali is a transformational speaker and mentor to marginalized and underrepresented visionary women, trailblazers, and emerging women leaders. Her Call to Sacred Activism and private & group programs teach women to take a bold stand into their truth and dive deeper into the mission they are here to live. 

Connect with Sonali at:

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