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Hello, hello!

Welcome to the Podcast Red Room.

The Wild Mystic Woman Podcast is one of my absolute favourite parts of my business, and I'm so excited and grateful to have an intimate conversation with you for your episode.

This private page will give you all the information you need about the podcast as well as how to prepare for our conversation before, during and after. 


Who is layla saad?

Layla Saad is a writer, poet, speaker and guide, whose work explores the intersecting themes of spirituality, creativity, feminism, business, leadership, and sacred activism.

As an East African, Arab, British, Muslim, feminist, soul seeker, living in the Middle East (Qatar), and sharing her work with the global community, Layla stands at a diverse intersection of identities, from which she is able to draw rich and intriguing perspectives. Layla‚Äôs own personal journey as a black Muslim woman, her work with her clients and her writings often confront the oppressive cultures of patriarchy and white supremacy. Through her work, Layla is devoted to elevating and celebrating women of colour who are doing important work in their communities as teachers, mentors, writers, artists, activists, healers and change-makers. 

What is the Wild Mystic Woman Podcast?

The Wild Mystic Woman Podcast is an audio interview series of powerful conversations with women and femmes of colour who are spiritual entrepreneurs, creative change-makers, sacred activists and visionary leaders. In each episode, we hold intimate and holy conversations about the intersecting themes of spirituality, creativity, feminism, business, leadership and social justice. Past guests include author, birth doula and celebrity lifestyle maven - Latham Thomas; non-profit consultant and facilitator - Desiree Adaway; soul-guide and spiritual teacher - L'Erin Alta; and traditional financial advisor turned modern money witch - Lara-Rose Duong. 

You can find the podcast on my website here and on iTunes here

Getting Prepared For Your Interview

What I need from you in advance:

When you book in your recording date for your episode, you will have completed a short questionnaire asking for the following info:

  • Short bio 
  • All relevant social media links
  • Any links of offerings, blog posts, programs, etc. you would like me to promote at the end of the interview

In addition to that, my team will have requested you to email a high resolution photograph to use for the episode graphics. Please note that we edit all podcast guest photos to black and white to match our branding, so please only send a photo that you have full rights over. Click here to see an example of how your photo will be edited for the podcast branding.

what you need to prepare:

  • The interview will be recorded on Zoom, and will run for about 45 minutes. Please note that this is an audio only call.
  • Please schedule in 60 minutes for our time together so that we can have a short chat both before and after we record our interview. 
  • At our scheduled date and time, we will meet each other on Zoom. We'll have a quick chat, check our tech, get grounded and then set our intentions for our conversation before we begin recording. 
  • This is going to be a sacred and intimate conversation. So feel free to bring a cup of tea/coffee/water, light a candle and settle in for a really good conversation.
  • Before our interview I will intuitively pull 3 oracle or tarot cards for our conversation. I will share these cards with you about mid-way through our interview and ask you to riff on whatever insights or wisdom come up for you based on the messages of the cards. According to my listeners, this is the most popular part of the interview :)
  • To minimise distractions, close any tabs you might have open, make sure Skype is shut down and turn off or silence your mobile phone.
  • Microphone: If you have a podcast microphone (like a Blue Yeti mic) that would be great. If you don't no worries!
  • Headphones: Please wear headphones during the interview to reduce feedback noise. This is absolutely essential.
  • Bandwidth: Please close any tabs and windows that you're not using during the interview. Also, if possible please connect to the internet via ethernet. (If not possible, please make sure you have a stable and strong wifi connection).

How to give a great interview:

layla saad

The aim of this podcast isn't to portray you as fearless or perfect. I want you to bring your WHOLE self to the interview - the powerful and authentic wild mystic soul that you are. Just bring your best self to the interview.

Also, if you know me at all you'll know that I don't enjoy shallow or surface level conversations. Our interview will go deep and be real.

I'm not so much interested in recounting your 'career success journey', as I am about diving deep into the teachings of your work and the personal lessons you have learned/are learning on your spiritual-entrepreneurial journey.

You are of course welcome to decline any questions that you don't feel comfortable or ready to answer (if you are still processing deeply for example), but I know that our listeners would be best served by your truth-telling and your vulnerability.

And my guess is that you are a fierce truth-teller just like me, so this probably won't be an issue ;) However if there are any topics that are complete no-go's for you, please let me know in advance.

Ending The Interview

We'll end the interview by sharing how our listeners can connect with you and work with you. You can use this time to promote any free or paid offerings you have available and I'll make sure to include all links in the show notes.

Sharing The Interview

We will let you know in advance when your interview will be going live. Interviews are pre-recorded a few weeks early to give enough time for editing. When it is live, we will ask you to share the interview with your community and on your social media feeds, using the graphics that we prepare for your episode. If you want to tag me on Instagram, my username is @wildmysticwoman.

So with all of that, you should be fully prepared to rock your interview!

Thank you so much, and I'm so looking forward to recording your episode.

Big love,

Layla xo