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Leading change at the intersections of race, feminism, spirituality and leadership. 

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Layla Saad is a black feminist writer, racial justice advocate & spiritual thought-leader.

Layla's work fiercely confronts the oppressive systems of white supremacy and patriarchy, while offering important teachings for transforming consciousness and powerful tools for anti-oppression practice.

Her work has helped thousands of people face and work to dismantle their internalised racism, and has simultaneously created industry-wide paradigm shifts in the spirituality, wellness and personal growth community, and beyond.

Layla is activating people around the world to step into greater leadership, wholeness and integrity within their own lives, as well as their relationships, workplaces, and industries.

"To shape God
With wisdom and foresight,
To benefit your world,
Your people,
Your life,
Consider consequences,
Minimize harm
Ask questions,
Seek answers,

- octavia butler

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“Never forget that justice is
what love looks like in public."

- Cornel West

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race, feminism, spirituality & leadership

"Being a black woman writer is not a shallow place but
a rich place to write from. It doesn't limit my imagination;
it expands it."

- Toni Morrison

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