Shall We Dance?

A poem by Layla Saad

The vastness of my soul
often does not match up with
the smallness of my fears.

And so I live everyday with this
constant back-and-forth rhythm.

This reliable up-and-down beat
which has me dancing around the
perimeter of my power.
Sometimes deep inside.
Sometimes far outside.

As I expand I think:
I am beautiful! I am magnificent!
As I contract I think:
I am less than ordinary. I am delusional.

As I rise I say:
I can create whatever I put my mind to!
As I fall I say:
I am incapable of even leading myself.

As I ascend I believe:
My soul has a unique & importance purpose.
As I descend I believe:
I am unworthy of living that purpose.

And so we dance this dance,
My soul, my fears and I.
My soul ecstatically dancing
for my power
My fears mournfully dancing
for my unworthiness
And I, the observer.
Sometimes dancing with this story,
sometimes dancing with that.

Maybe this is what it is to be human.

Maybe it is about dancing this holy dance
of up and down
back and forth
inside and outside
expand and contract
rise and fall
ascend and descend.

Round and round and round.

Trying to find the beauty
of where our humanity
and our divinity
can find love
within each other.

Image Credit: Miguel Salgado

Image Credit: Miguel Salgado

Layla Saad