Soul Speak

A poem by Layla Saad

Image Credit: Frank McKenna

Image Credit: Frank McKenna

My fear says, Shrink.
You're taking up too much space.

My soul says, Keep expanding.
The world will learn to make space for you.

My fear says, Quieten down.
Your voice is making others uncomfortable.

My soul says, Speak up louder. And more often.
You've been quiet for far too long.

My fear says,
Doubt yourself.
You've always been such a disappointment.

My soul says, Believe in yourself.
You have far more potential inside of you
than you can ever know.

My soul speaks:

I am here.
I am with you.
I've got your back.
I won't ever let you down.

Now speak.
Be seen.
Show up.

Break the cycle
that has kept you
small and quiet.

Defy the voice
that has convinced you
of your unworthiness. 

Insist on your existence.
Insist on your magnificence.

Layla Saad