The Assignment

A poem by Layla Saad

Inwards. Downwards.
The High Priestess
continues to beckon me.

She doesn't flip my life
upside down
the way Kali did.

Her way does not ask
me to burn my life
down to the ground
and start over.

She simply asks me to
s u r r e n d e r.

To slow down.
To draw my energy
Inwards. And Downwards.
To focus on doing less things
and being in fewer places.

She invites me to
shut out the noise
and tune out the frenzy.
To step away from the
manic highway of
the creative outer world,
and melt into my
creative inner sanctum. 
Everything She's sharing
with me is an invitation.
Her way is not to force or push.
She says to me,
'Take it or leave it. It's upto you.' But She does have one
Divine assignment for me.
Just one.
This is all She asks.

It's only three words.
Three words that could
change my life.

Want to hear it?
Here it is:
Write the book. 

Image Credit: Stephanie Cotton

Image Credit: Stephanie Cotton

Layla Saad