What Being A Mystic Means To Me

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always had this great sense that what we can see isn't all that there is.

And that beneath the hustle and bustle of this physical reality, lies an infinite world of mystery. 

As an adult, I've followed this thread of wanting to connect to that place of sacred mystery. Wanting to know who I really am, why I'm really here and how I can feel more connected with the Divine. 

To me, this is what being a mystic is all about.

It is being a seeker.

Wanting to express more and more of our souls. Wanting to heal the parts of us that block us from our wholeness. Wanting to not just understand God, but to feel connected to God.

And as feminine mystics, wanting to connect to our feminine souls and our feminine bodies. 

I've recently joined Mirabai Starr's 9-month advanced immersion course called The Way Of The Divine Feminine Mystic. In that program I'm learning that mystics came from different times, different religions and different cultures. 

Mystics are the non-conformists.

They are the ones who follow their own unpaved path.

They may, like me, come from traditional religions. But they are anything but traditional.

Or they may come from no religious background at all, but simply know that there is a Divine principle at work throughout the universe.

When I first received the call to create this website, I had a lot of internal resistance.

I worried that people would judge or criticise me because I am a practicing Muslim who is also an explorer of all types of spiritual practices.

I was scared that I would have to defend my beliefs around the divine feminine, or fit myself into one box (Do I believe in goddesses or don't I? Am I fully committed to my religion or aren't I?)

I was anxious about sharing my inner most thoughts and sacred practices when I'm not an "expert" in spirituality or the feminine mysteries.

But these thoughts were the exact thing that were keeping me from my own spiritual essence.

The idea that I needed approval, permission or validation from someone 'out there' were keeping me disconnected from my sovereignty, and from my power to claim my truth.

So this is what being a mystic really means to me.

It's trusting your own experiences. It's trusting your own inner voice. It's knowing that it is your right to walk your own unpaved spiritual path, and knowing that your relationship with the Divine is between you and the Divine.

It's not being afraid to look outside of what you know or have been taught. It's remembering that you were never created to fit into a box. 

Here's to the mystics.

May we always speak and live our truth. And in doing so, may we give others the space to do the same. 

Layla xo