On marketing as self-expression

Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should.

The online business world offers a smorgasbord of marketing strategies and ideas that you could possibly engage in to grow your business.

And the truth is, you're smart enough to do most of them, or to learn how to do most of them. (That's why we've bought so many e-courses, amirite?)

The thing is though, if you're choosing your marketing strategies based only on questions like...

  • What will give me the highest conversion?
  • What's everyone else doing?
  • What will help me reach my target numbers fastest?
  • What are the latest trends?

... Then you're missing one very important piece.


  • Your essence
  • Your creativity
  • Your joy
  • Your spirit
  • Your intuitive wisdom

These things may not be quantifiable, but believe me, they matter.

They matter because more and more people are becoming sensitive to the underlying energy beneath any marketing strategy.

People aren't going to believe you're authentic just because you say you are. Or believe you're soulful just because your branding and photography look soulful.

The priestesses, lightworkers, healers, artists and soul-led people you are here to serve are awakening to their own abilities to see beneath the surface. To FEEL whether your essence, creativity, joy, spirit and intuitive wisdom are the foundation of everything you are putting out into the world.

When that foundation is strong....when you are truly leading from within...any marketing strategy you use will:

  • Look like art + self-expression 
  • Feel like joy + passion
  • Sound like fun + play

And who doesn't want to be served by entrepreneurs who have that approach to business?

The spiritual-entrepreneurial journey asks you to stop seeing 'possible marketing strategies' and start seeing 'possible opportunities for your joyful self-expression'.

Layla xo

Layla Saad