You're so intense

"You think too much."
"Lighten up."
"Stop taking everything so seriously."

My intense nature of deep introspection and soul contemplation has made people uncomfortable in the past.

Until I learned that those people aren't my people.

My people are The Deep-Divers.

The Soul-Seekers.
The Purpose-Explorers.
The Truth-Livers.

They are the souls whose thirst for self-knowledge is unquenchable.

Whose need for authenticity will have them willingly burn down every part of their life that is out of alignment with Who They Really Are.

Who measure their success in life by how much they live and work by their own values.

Who aren't afraid of mining their inner dark shadow places for the wisdom that lies within.

I love my people. They see my intense nature for what it really is:

A gift that helps them journey to the deep places inside themselves they long to explore and transform.

Layla xo

Layla Saad