Moon Magic

A poem by Layla Saad

Artist unknown. Seeking credit.

Artist unknown. Seeking credit.

Gather the women.
Wake the witches.
The time for ceremony is here.

Light the candles.
Burn the incense.
Recite your opening prayer.

Close your eyes.
Take a deep breath.
Get still for meditation.

Play the music.
Dance to the drums.
Flow with your vibration.

Write out your fears.
Confess your regrets.
Let the flames release your pain.

Plant seeds of hope.
Call in your desires.
Let a new cycle begin again.

Shuffle the cards.
Ask your question.
What do you most need to know?

Tell the truth.
What's the deal?
What do you most need to let go?

Declare your intentions.
Thank your guides.
Give gratitude to the Divine.

Blow out the candles.
Go live your life.
We'll gather again next time.

Layla Saad