#SISTERQUEEN, 2016 kicked your butt

sister queen


This year the Divine Feminine knocked you off your feet, burnt you down to the ground and then took you on a crazy rollercoaster ride through the underworld.

Not for a few days or a few weeks. But for months!

She stripped you of everything that you thought you were, and what you thought you were here to do.

She told you that you could no longer move further along on your path until you dropped everything that was no longer true for you. She didn't make a polite request or sweetly suggest this. She gave you no other choice or option.

"Wake up and embody your truth NOW, or stay stuck like this FOREVER," She stated, in that matter of fact way of Hers.

What choice did you have?

You have learnt that when She comes, there's nothing to do but to surrender.

It is always for your highest good.

Beneath the chaos, can you see the unconditional love underneath every confusing, ego-destroying, soul-embodying moment of this year? Can you see that you were finally being introduced to the real you, who's been hiding under the surface all along, waiting for you to invite Her to take Her seat on Her throne?

She's here now. And She's getting stronger, fiercer and clearer with each passing day.

2016 brought you to your knees. And because of that, your real self can now step forward and take Her rightful place.

2016 kicked your butt. But only so that it could bring you back home to yourself.

Layla xo

Layla Saad