The awakening of the Sovereign Woman

layla saad

There she is, that Sovereign Woman.

She with the courageous heart and the wild soul. She who says, "This is me. This is who I am."

She wasn't always this way.

For many years she was hidden away. Revealing herself fully only in the words of her journal and in her closest friendships. Showing up in her truth only when she felt safe enough to be vulnerable.

But now she's changed. From her appearance to her writing, she's a whole different woman.

She's the woman who was waiting inside of her all along.

It was not easy for her, this transformation. She didn't just step into this embodied self the way you would gracefully step up a staircase.

She had to go deep inside of herself to find this version of herself.

She dug and descended.
Explored and excavated.
Re-membered, re-defined and re-birthed.

And now here she stands: Battle weary. Flawed. Tender.

She's cried countless tears and faced many shadows. But it doesn't take much to see there's something different about her.

What is it? Can you feel it?

Yes that's it...

It's not so much how she looks. It's what she's emanating.

She's grounded in her Wisdom.
Firm in her Strength.
And rooted in her Truth.

She may look like she's been to hell and back, and in many ways she has, but the raging fire only devoured everything about her that was no longer true.

And what was left behind after all the layers of untruths were burned to the ground was her true essence.

She's rising out of the ashes now, this Phoenix woman. She's orienting her life to who she has become.

It's all brand new to her and she's far from having it all figured out. But little by little, she's finding out exactly what it means to be a Sovereign Woman.

Layla xo

Layla Saad