#SISTERQUEEN, Do not spiritually bypass your pain



Repeat after me: I will not spiritually bypass the pain and discomfort that current world events have brought up for me.

I will not bypass my grief and my anger.

I will let my heart break open, open, open and allow myself to fully feel the injustice of oppression, fear and hatred that so many of my sisters and brothers have had to live with daily and for centuries.

I will not 'light-wash' this without doing the real work of self-examination, changed behaviour and having difficult conversations.

I will not stay quiet when I see the people I know normalise bigotry.

And I will be a 'light-worker' in the truest and deepest sense of the word. Not to sound cool or enlightened, but to effect actual change.

Sister-Queen, please don't take the titles of Priestess, Mystic, Goddess, Healer, Witch or Queen lightly.

You have never been afraid of doing your deep spiritual inner work.

Of going into the descent. 
Of healing your personal shadows.
Of stripping away layers and layers of yourself as you strive for your sacred truth.

But as a Priestess, Mystic, Goddess, Healer, Witch or Queen, your responsibility for change is not just to yourself or to the clients who pay you for your magic.

It's to the whole world.

So by all means use your gifts to inspire, empower and support others. After all, that's what you're here to do and we so need that medicine of yours.

But don't forget to also use your VOICE.

Using your voice is so simple yet so powerful.

Speak up and speak out. 
Call out and call in.
Write, Speak, Sing, Protest.

You're afraid of where the world is headed? Besides yourself with anger and grief about what you see happening? Heart-broken for your brothers and sisters?

Then NOW is the time more than ever to use your voice and let people know what you really stand for.

Sister-Queen, you are coming to the next phase of your soul mission now.

It's no longer about how many clients you can sign up or how many subscribers are on your newsletter list. It's about how you can do the work you're REALLY here to do.

You say you're here to help change people's lives and make the world a better place?

Prove it.

Layla xo

Layla Saad