#SISTERQUEEN, It's time to stop fucking around



It's time to stop fucking around.

Now, more than ever, is the time to step into your purpose.

The world NEEDS your medicine.

Stop being coy. Stop waiting for permission or waiting to be good enough or waiting to be approved of.

Stop being afraid of your power or of standing out or of being seen for who you really are. Stop caring about being judged or being criticised or being disliked. Stop minimising or underestimating the potency and impact of your magic.

We don't have time for you to second guess yourself. It's time wake up and remember...

...You matter. Your work matters. Your message matters.

Every single person who receives your soul medicine positively affects everyone else they come into contact with. In this way, you do your part to change the world.

You might not be able to change what is happening right now. But here's what you can do: channel the anger and grief you feel right now into power and purpose. Use it to destroy any remaining self-doubt you might hold about the importance of your purpose and your ability to carry it out.

Stand up, firmly take the reins of your purpose in your hands and Do What You Came Here To Do.

Layla xo

Layla Saad