#SISTERQUEEN, Trust the Divine Source

sister queen


While everyone around you seems to be excitedly planning what their business and life goals are for 2017, you might be feeling like you're falling behind because, for the first time in a long time, you aren't interested in new year goal planning.

It's been a long year. You're tired. You're still processing. Still integrating.

You're resting and giving yourself time to just...Be.

The transformations you have been through this year have entirely changed your whole approach to living your life and leading your business.

Through your ego being stripped away this year, you have released a lot of ideas about what success and being a successful entrepreneur is supposed to look like.

However, you can still that an old part of you is still active and it wants you to 'get your shit back together', 'get your ass in gear' or 'get back to hustling'.

Well Sister-Queen, this is a sign for you that you can drop that internal struggle right now. The time of pushing, forcing and trying to plan every detail of your success is over.

Give that part of your old self a compassionate hug and ask it to sit down because it's no longer needed.

You see, with your new transformations you have entered a new way of leading your business and life.

This new way is about Listening.
It's about Waiting.
It's about Leaning In.
It's about Receiving.

And then it's about taking fewer but more intentional actions.

In A Course In Miracles there is a prayer to the Divine that says:

"What would You have me do?
Where would You have me go? 
What would You have me say, and to whom?"

This is your new goal-planning system, Sister-Queen.

Asking these deeper, more soulful questions and then listening ENERGETICALLY for the answers that pour forth.

You are not asking human self. You are not looking for the answers which are logical, or the most profitable or that will bring you the most popularity. You are not looking for the first answers that pop straight into your mind.

No. You are listening with your Soul.

You are asking your Higher Self and the Divine. You are saying, without any attachment or expectations:

Dear Divine Source, what are my assigned missions for 2017?

I am listening with all aspects of my Being.

Please tell me:

  • How would You have me use my gifts in service to others?
  • What lessons and adventures would You have me experience?
  • What beautiful creations would You have me birth?
  • In what ways would You have me experience my inner most desires?
  • In what ways would You have me grow into the leader I am here to be?

Listen for signs. Visions. Feelings. Words.

Listen for your sacred truth and the simple yet powerful answers that will be downloaded to you.

You won't do this in a single goal-planning day. The old ways are gone now. There is no rush.

Use the entire month to Ask and Listen. 
Ask and Listen. 
Ask and Listen.

And make notes of what answers you are given, and how you feel about those answers.

And, this is really important, don't dismiss the answers you are given.

Don't let your ego tell you that these answers are too simple or won't make you enough money or don't fit in with your current reality.

If you are truly going to be a soul-led, new paradigm, awakening feminine leader, then you must learn to trust in the mystery and the irrational nature of the Divine Feminine.

Nothing about THIS year made sense, and yet it brought you to exactly where you needed to be.

Trust that the force that took you to your depths this year also has the same power to take you to your heights next year.

Stay curious.


And when the time is right, you'll know when to take action.

Layla xo

Layla Saad