The Woman You Really Are

Sister, I made something for you...

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There's the woman you were taught you should be... and the woman you really are.

The woman you were taught you should be is always on top of her game, and never makes a mistake.

She's never afraid and always does the right thing.

She takes care of everyone and everything - never letting a responsibility slide.

She's the perfect mother, lover, friend, sister, daughter and partner.

Everything she makes is magic. Nothing she creates is mediocre.

She's always got her shit together. There's no area of her life that she doesn't have a handle on.

She's a pillar of perfection... because she's a work of fiction.

She does not exist. She is not real.

The woman you really are is all things and no things.

She is fierce and loving and scared and strong and ordinary and flawed and beautiful.

She's on top of her game and muddling through life. All at the same time.

She's smart and petty and powerful and selfish and kind and interesting and dull.

She makes mistakes every single day.

She carries shame and guilt from things she has said and done in her life.

She gets upset over things which aren't worth worrying about.

She over-analyses and makes things more complicated than they have to be. She's hurt the people she loves.

She often speaks unkindly about herself to herself.

She sometimes lets people take advantage of her.

But she's also wise and able to soothe people's fears with just her presence.

She treats people with kindness and respect.

She has natural strengths and gifts which have the ability to transform people's lives.

She inspires and empowers. Not because of anything she does or achieves. But because of her pure essence. 

And everyday she's learning how to speak her truth, own her sovereignty, reclaim her power and love herself exactly as she is.

She is a leader, even though she doesn't always believe it.

The woman you really are cannot be pinned down by any description.

Because unlike the woman you were taught to be, who lives in a world of dualistic absolutes, the woman you really are is a Wild Mystic Woman.

She is chaos and order and everything in between, and because of that, she is magnificent.

The woman you were taught you should be is a shell of a woman.

She is the woman that patriarchy would have you be: perfect, predictable, self-denying and controllable.

The woman you really are is a real and whole person: wild in spirit, beautiful in her flaws, ever unfolding, messy, mundane and magical.

Give up the woman you were taught you should be. She is holding you back.

We love you exactly as you are, Wild Mystic Woman.

Big love,

layla saad
Layla Saad